INPE's network song or Network Blues

Music by George Gershwin (Summertime, aria of Porgy and Bess)
Adapted by: Sam Houston Andrew (Big Brother & The Holding Company)
Vocals: Janis Joplin (In Memoriam)
Lyrics by Danton Nunes, after a summer storm that knocked the net down.
	(lead vocal)			(back vocals)

	but living ain't easy		oh!
	lightning strikes
	and the modem blows		the modem blows (twice)

	INPE is rich
	buildings are so good looking	oh!
	but the net, little baby
	slips on telephone wires

	no more e-mail
	Web or ftp			yeah!
	it's like an e-jail
	how worse could it be?		could it be (twice)

	INPE is rich...

	One of these mornings
	I'm gonna call Madruga╣ again	Madruga!
	To fix that bloody thing
	till comes the next rain	the next rain (twice)

	INPE is rich...

	When will we go optical?
	when will the fibres run?	run!
	I'm rather skeptical,
	It's no joke, it's no fun.	it's no joke, it's no fun.

╣ Madruga (in memoriam) and Divino are the heroes that install and maintain the wires around INPE campus. Hard workers and nice fellows.